Keywords in C++

  • Keywords in C++

    Keyword is a predefined or reserved word in C++ library with a fixed meaning and used to perform an internal operation. C++ Language supports more than 64 keywords.

    Every Keyword exists in lower case latter like auto, break, case, const, continue, int etc.

    32 Keywords in C++ Language which is also availabe in C language.

    auto double int struct
    break else long switch
    case enum register typedef
    char extern return union
    const float short unsigned
    continue for signed void
    default goto sizeof volatile
    do if static while

    Another 30 reserved words that were not in C, these are new to C++

    asm dynamic_cast namespace reinterpret_cast
    bool explicit new static_cast
    catch false operator template
    class friend private this
    const_cast inline public throw
    delete mutable protected true
    try typeid typename using
    using virtual wchar_t

    Note: you can not use these keyword for variable and not overload.