Introduction to C++ Programming

What is C++ Programming?

Bjarne Stroustrup, of AT&T, developed C++ Programming Language in order to add object oriented constructs to the C language.

  • C++ can be viewed as a procedural language with some additional constructs, some of which are added for object oriented programming and some for improved procedural syntax.
  • A well written C++ program will reflect elements of both object oriented programming style and classic procedural programming.
  • C++ is actually an extensible language. We can define new types in such a way that they act just like the predefined types which are part of the standard language.
  • C++ is designed for large scale software development.

The goal of C++ programming language was to add features that support data abstraction and object oriented concepts to C language.

Features of C++

C++ is object oriented programming language and it is a very simple and easy language, this language have following features and here we discuss some important features of C++.

  • Simple
  • Portability
  • Powerful
  • Platform dependent
  • Object oriented oriented
  • Case sensitive
  • Compiler based
  • Syntax based language
  • Use of Pointers

Benefits of C++ over C Language

The major difference being OOPS concept, C++ is an object oriented language whereas C language is a procedural language. Apart form this there are many other features of C++ which gives this language an upper hand on C laguage.

Following features of C++ makes it a stronger language than C,

  1. There is Stronger Type Checking in C++.
  2. All the OOPS features in C++ like Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance etc makes it more worthy and useful for programmers.
  3. C++ supports and allows user defined operators (i.e Operator Overloading) and function overloading is also supported in it.
  4. Exception Handling is there in C++.
  5. The Concept of Virtual functions and also Constructors and Destructors for Objects.
  6. Inline Functions in C++ instead of Macros in C language. Inline functions make complete function body act like Macro, safely.
  7. Variables can be declared anywhere in the program in C++, but must be declared before they are used.

Applications of C++

Mainly C++ Language is used for Develop Desktop application and system software. Some application of C++ language are given below.

  • For Develop Graphical related application like computer and mobile games.
  • To evaluate any kind of mathematical equation use C++ language.
  • C++ Language are also used for design OS. Like window xp.
  • Google also use C++ for Indexing
  • Few parts of apple OS X are written in C++ programming language.
  • Internet browser Firefox are written in C++ programming language
  • All major applications of adobe systems are developed in C++ programming language. Like Photoshop, ImageReady, Illustrator and Adobe Premier.
  • Some of the Google applications are also written in C++, including Google file system and Google Chromium.
  • C++ are used for design database like MySQL.